A Failure of Praxis? European Revolutionary Anarchism in Revolutionary Situations 1917-1923





Key words: Anarchism, Russian Revolution, anarcosyndicalism, Triennio Bolchevique, Bienno Rosso


Abstract: This article investigates the action of anarchists to the revolutionary situations that emerged in Europe from the October Revolution in Russia until 1923, and their reaction to the failure of anarchist revolutionary practice. It focuses on Russia, Spain and Italy to show the similarities and differences in the anarchist critique of the failure of anarchists to guide the social unrest into a successful revolutionary outcome. Rather than simply looking at the role of their opponents this critique centers on aspects of anarchist praxis and tactics which some anarchists argued needed to be revised in light of experience.



Key words: Anarchism, Russian Revolution, anarcosyndicalism, Triennio Bolchevique, Bienno Rosso

Author Biographies

Jason Garner, CONICET Patagonia Norte

Jason Garner received his doctorate of Contemporary History from the University of Kent in Canterbury (UK). He is currently working on a postdoctoral project for CONICET (Argentina) and is working at the National University of Rió Negro. He previously worked as a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Westminster and the Metropolitan in London. He has published numerous works on the libertarian movement in Spain, especially focusing on the internal political struggles of the movement in the years prior to the Second Republic. His publications include: Goals and Means: anarchism, syndicalism and internationalism in the origins of the Federacion Anarquista Iberica. Oakland: AK Press, 2016. His recent publications include “The only solution is revolution: the Spanish Confederación Nacional de Trabajo and the problem of unemployment in Republican Spain, 1931–1933”. Labor History, vol.59, no.4, 2018.

José Benclowicz, National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET, Argentina)

José Benclowicz is a Doctor in History from the University of Buenos Aires; He works as Adjunct Researcher of the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET, Argentina) and as Regular Adjunct Professor in the area of ​​History at the National University of Río Negro (UNRN), in charge of Latin American and Argentine History. He has published numerous works that address social struggles and their representations in 20th century Argentine history. His research on the emergence of the piquetero movement in the 90s and on the positions and actions of the left in the face of unemployment, the unemployed and authoritarianism towards the 1930s stand out; Lately he has focused on transnational relations of the left, specifically Argentine-Spanish dialogues.


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